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Battle of the Potjie Kings 2019!

01 April 2019

Battle of the Potjie Kings 2019!

The unmistakable smell of wood and coal on fire drifted up my nostrils from 6:30am on the morning of 30 March 2019 – the day of our 4th annual Battle of the Potjie Kings. Some might view this as torture, and I’d have to agree. The smell of smoke combined with the thought of 9 different pots of potjiekos was enough to get my stomach rumbling from the get-go. 

Every year we seem to strike it lucky weather-wise and this year was no different with the sun dawning hot and ready, and minimal cloud cover drifting overhead throughout the day. By 8:30am all 9 teams were set up and chopping away at their ingredients. 

One might mistakenly assume that this is an ordinary competition, with amateurs vying for the crown, but let me tell you: It’s anything but amateur! From threats to ambush their neighbours’ pots, to whispers of secret ingredients and carloads of décor, all participants take this event very seriously. 

This year saw pots filled with crayfish to ostrich, paella, oxtail and more! The winning team, however, snatched the crown out from under the other team’s noses with a Dukkah Lamb potjie and a sultana pomegranate salsa. Never tasted this combination before? Don’t worry – neither had we! The cherry on the cake? The winners were the HDCCT ladies’ team, who also won the crown last year! Well deserved ladies. 

Thank you so much to every team that participated and poured their heart and soul into the competition including the winners of best dressed table: H.O.G.® Breede River Chapter and winners of best team spirit: H.O.G.® Tyger Valley. The other teams (in no particular order) were as follows:

  • The Potjie Riders
  • HDCCT men’s team
  • Nafi’s
  • Free Chapter CT
  • SOGS
  • Tyger Valley dealership 

Special shout-out to our 3 wonderful (independent) judges: Russell Minter-Brown, Pieter Louw and Kc Royal. 

Thank you to Diesel and Dust Craft Beer for keeping our thirst quenched throughout the day and also to the Tyger Tavern for making 200 portions of rice, screening the rugby and staying open late to keep the party going. As always – it was one for the books! 

Lastly, a big thank-you to every person that joined us on the day! We value your support and look forward to the next Battle of the Potjie Kings. 

In the meantime, please invite your friends and join us for the Viva La Freedom event on 27th April! You can read more about it here:

Article by: Ash 

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